Storyboard pro wont open files

Hi, I recently purchased Storyboard pro and it was working fine until yesterday.
I kept having a problem of enormous brush lag so I found on the forum advice to clean the registry, reinstall the graphic card driver and block windows update. Just cleaning the registry worked until yesterday when for the first time it had no effect. I then tried reinstalling the graphic card but then toonboom doesnt open anymore, I cant go past the create project page. I f i try opening a file directly, nothing happens. Ive tried all the drivers I could find for my graphic card and still the problem persists. I have a deadline to meet, this is really frustrating. Please help. Graphic card is Intel HD 3000. I have a lenovo thinkpad x220t i5core on windows 10. It was working great before so I know that configuration can be restored, I just dont see why it stopped working suddenly.
Anybody knows?

Hello SophieLee,

For these kinds of setup specific issues, we recommend contacting our support team directly at

They’ll be able to troubleshoot this with you and get it fixed far faster than we can!