storyboard pro v1.5 can't find camera controls anywhere

Hi, I just recentely got storyboard pro 1.5, and it’s pretty awesome. I’ve drawn up a storyboard, and have timed it roughly. Now I want to put in some camera moves, but I can’t find the camera properties anywhere! The tutorial videos are for v2, and they all have a tool properties where my pen properties would be on the right side. But I have no such tool properties, and I can’t find anywhere where I can can place camera keys whereever I want on a frame. All I can do is make a camera move start at the start of the shot and and end at the end of the shot- which won’t do. Can someone please help me out? Or point me in a way of 1.5 documentation which I can’t find? Thanks a ton.

Go to -view-toolbars-tools in the top menu and make sure tools are marked.The tools meny is now shown on either the top or side of the interface.The dynamic camera is represented by a small camerasymbol with an s-shaped arrow to the right under it. If you don’t find i:In the tools toolbar there is an eyelike symbol, when you press it, a toolbar manager window pops up.Look for a small camera sign with an s-shaped arrow. If this sign is in the left part of the window mark it and press the arrow pointing right in the middle between the two “compartments”. The symbol will now pop over to the right compartment. Press Apply and OK.Now you will find the dynamic camera symbol in the tools toolbar.To use it press the symbol. A green and a red small square will appear at the bottom of the working area.The left green marks the panels first frame position and the red last frame position.If you hold the cursor over one of the squares it changes to a four armed arrow . Press and move and you move the camera frame. To size or rotate hover the cursor over upper left corner of the frame and press to manipulate, zoom or rotate. To make the cameramove follow a curved path, you can manipulate the line connecting the senter points of first and last frame.The camera work on all layers. If you want to add movement to separate layers, there are to almost identical lying s-shaped symbols.One for first frame and the other for last frame transform.To view the result press camerapreview button to activate preview. And then press the play arrow. The all black arrow plays the actual panel. The black with white edge play all panels.If you now switch working space to timeline(music notation-symbol).Drag the timeline-cursor to the place were you want to change the movement( like set keyframe) Go to top menu -storyboard- split panel at current frame. Now go to the last part (new) and change the first frame position as wanted. Then go to first part, go to top menu -storyboard- copy camera end position from - start position next panel.This will make it possible to change the path multiple times in a panel, by splitting, move and copy camera position.It is simple but a little tedious. Under the storyboard meny you will also find commands to spread camera motion over multiple panels.If you send me an email I will try to send you a copy of the manual( I have Mac version)Hope this was to more help than confusion.-Ivar

For my copy of TB Stoybord Pro 1.5 the documentation is in the Appliction package. The quick start tutorials can be activated from the welcome screen.

I am using my toonboom program at home, and I don’t seem to have the camera move option at all in my tool bar, that I have at work. I went up to tools in the menu bar, and I don’t see that eye symbol to add it. I’m totally lost and I am working on a storyboard which needs a ton of camera moves. HELP!!

Hi alikiTThe eye symbol was used in previous version, Now only the not-Pro version has it. To find and use the camera have a look at Sherm Cohen’s tutorial. "Working with the Camera"Here is the link: the same page you will find all the tutorial you need to use the software.Best regards-Ivar