Storyboard pro to ToonBoom Animate

I was wondering ,can you use ToonBoom Storyboard Pro with TB Animate I am using the 30 day trial of TB storyboard pro and it only lets you export to Harmony and Digital Pro. Note I am using the PLE Animate version,this will determine if i should buy digital pro instead of Animate,another question is whuch one is better Animate or Digital Pro because one way or another i am getting on of them in the next 2 days…

Since Animate is newer than Storyboard, There is no written option to export to Animate. However, exporting project to Digital Pro will also be able to open it in Animate, any file that are creates in Storyboard will also work in Animate. Also I believe when new version of Digital Pro and Storyboard come out, this will be corrected.

Just for your info, any project that was made from trial version of Storyboard pro to Animate PLE, due to the purpose of PLE (personal learning edition), there will be a limit of resolution of export with water mark and not compatible with commercial version of Animate. So keep this in mind.