Storyboard Pro to Premiere Pro to Storyboard Pro workflow

We have begun production of a 2D animated children’s series. We’re using Storyboard Pro 6 to draw the storyboard panels/images, organize them into scenes/sequences on the timeline, and then export sequences using Conform XML. We are using Premiere Pro CC 2018 to edit storyboard animatics, and for both offline and online editing. Our editor uses PPro to edit an animatic (slug/time-out the duration of the panels, add/edit audio (dialogue, music, sound fx). Throughout the animatics process our editor will adjust audio, adjust duration of images, move panels around, delete and add new panels and sequences. We are aware that SBPro is designed to handle panel slugging and audio edits, however we have assigned this aspect of workload to our editor. As such, we need a seamless workflow or loop between SPB and PPro, that gives us the ability to transfer all timeline media edits from SBP to PPro to SBP. I found an old post from 4 years ago; with the topic being raised again 2 years ago. But I have not found any recent posts within the last 2 years.

I’d like to second this. Is there any support for creating a workflow between premiere pro and SBpro?

I believe you can export the boards as .XMLs and import those into Premiere, and then once the Premiere edits are done you can export those back to .XML and open them in SBP, but how precisely to do that is outside my expertise.