Storyboard Pro to Animate Pro Intergration Tip

When exporting from Storyboard Pro to Animate Pro you get alot of folders from all of your scenes, which slows down your pc when you want open all the scenes at once. I found a process where you can have all of your scenes in one TB File. All you have to do(this is a kind of long tedious process) is up the scene you want to work on first or in the proper sequential order.

3.When the file opens (from the SB export) it should be in a symbol ,break apart the symbol. and turn that layer into a template, do this for each individual file you export from SB Pro.
4. close the file and open a new file as your master file for all of your scenes the scene you just made into a template will be there with all of your sounds and music and respected elements in tact

This saves times from going back and forth to open different files and doesnt slow down your pc at all.
One note when you do finish with a scene delete your old template or relabel the most recent one so you wont get things mixed up :slight_smile:

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