Storyboard Pro Timeline Settings (deleting panels)

Is there a way or work around to get the timeline to act more like an editing program(Premiere or Final Cut)? Mainly, be able to delete a panel without effecting the timing of the panels after it.

I have really been enjoying the workflow of Storyboard Pro, but I find some things difficult when it comes to animatic revisions. Sometimes I just need to delete a panel from a scene without changing the timing of the rest of the animatic. Right now my work around is to just copy and paste the drawing from the previous panel into the one I wanted to delete. This just feels unnecessary and sloppy to me.

It would be nice to have a setting where the rest of the timeline doesn’t change when a removing panels, scenes, acts, etc.

Or at least be able to drag the panel before or after, while holding a hotkey, towards the panel you want to delete and then it deletes. (Similar to the alt+mouse drag function, where the rest of the timeline is not effected.) Instead of having to delete the panel, then everything after it changes timing, then drag the end of the previous frame back to the spot where the others begin.

I know there may be a good reason it is set up this way, but it would be nice to have an option not to.