Storyboard Pro - timeline editing and disappearing audio tracks

I will be working away merrily, then I will add a scene and the audio will disappear. I will add the audio back in, but as soon as I edit anything on the timeline, the audio track deletes itself.

Also, I discover that I cannot alter the durations of any of the transitions between scenes, they always snap back into their original place.

This started quite suddenly, can someone please help!


Did you make sure the panel before and after the transition is longer than the transition. If the panel is too short it will just bounce back to it previous length though you probably know that already.

For the sound file you could check your sound files folder and see if the track is listed in the sound files. I know that doesn’t solve the problem but it may give you a clue to see if you even imported it into the project successfully

Thank you for your response Rip Tide - I can rule out transition length as a problem, it does not seem to matter how much time a panel/scene has beyond the current transition length I cannot modify a transition beyond what it is at present.

My audio folder has all the tracks there, so the import does appear to have worked.

I have had a similar situation, the audio would disappear from project start up to a sequence with many transitions.

Helpdesk found a workaround (until a fix is introduced in a future program update) by having me change the length of the troublesome transition, pulling on the left side of the panel following the transition, making this panel a frame longer. All of a sudden I was able to edit again without losing sound, and could also change my transition back to its original length without further problems. Maybe this works for you?

Thanks, Marc-André,

It seems to function–though I didn’t test it thoroughly, one of the things that previously was problematic is no longer so. Yay!


Hi Echo419 and Hans,

Just a quick message to let you know that we just released a new version of Storyboard Pro 5 that addresses an issue where audio tracks could be cleared after some specific manipulation in the Timeline. This new version is available in the “My Downloads” section of your account on our site.

Hopefully, this new version will address your issues.