Storyboard Pro - Playback Not Refreshing

Occasionally getting this problem:

The playback doesn’t refresh in camera view.

The playback-head moves on the timeline and I even see the layers changing in the Camera View Layer section, but the playback itself isn’t updating the images. I looked for a cache option, thinking perhaps it’s a cache overflow issue, but there’s nothing to help me there.

I have a very good workstation, running all major 2D/3D packages, with 32Gb of ram, so I don’t think the station is the problem.

The only thing to do when this happens is to shutdown the software and reopen the project.

If there’s anyone with the wisdom to fix this, let me know.



What’s the graphic card model and how many monitors are attached?

Hi rkriz,

Graphic card model is: AMD Radeon HD 6900 (GDDR5 1024MB)
1 basic monitor and Cintiq 21 UX attached.


AMD Radeon HD 6900 is the series, within the series there are
different models (for example 6930, 6970) the model numbers
are very important because they tell you the rank of the card
within the series (6930 is a low-end card, 6970 is quite decent)

A graphic card that has only a gig of RAM is not much in these
days of 4K resolution monitors and HD resolution (or higher)

One way to tell if the problem is resource-related is to reboot
the computer and split the project (or copy it first and split
the copy). Compare the performance of the full project to the
split one. If there’s no problem when the project is 1/3 or smaller
size but you have a problem loading the full project then it’s
almost certain that the graphic card ran out of resources.

You can also contact support to have a look on the system to see
if any settings somewhere can be tweaked to achieve better

The card is 6950 Direct CU II

I agree for the 1GB DDR5 but I run 3D packages and compositing (After Effect and Nuke) without a glitch on my station, so I wasn’t thinking it could be an issue for 2D animation software.

Also, I’m running it on 32GB RAM so there should not be any issues for memory. Right?

Anyway I’ll see what I can do on my side.

Thanks for the info.