Storyboard Pro on Surface Pro 2

Hello there.
Does anyone use Storyboard Pro on the Microsoft Surface Pro 2?
I have the 8 gig Ram version and am experiencing lag when I draw start to draw a line in Storyboard Pro. It’s only when I start to draw, after half a second it’s fine and draws with no lag.
I’ve tried optimising the project but it doesn’t help.
Has anyone else experienced the same issue and found a solution?
Many thanks,Tom.

Hi, Tom,
Please send your request to and they will help you with this issue.

If you are having issues with an 8 gb version I hope I will not have worse problems with the 4gb surface pro2 that I just ordered. I was planning to install only storyboard pro 4 on it, and nothing else for my first Big storyboarding gig. I will be traveling and on location so I was counting on storyboard pro 4 and surface pro 2 to complete the job. After reading maybe this I think i would be wise to install sketchbook pro and maybe the memory hog known as photoshop, just in case.

If this combination fails me, I would be very disappointed, and crushed. I cannot afford a cintiq companion right now so that is not an option.

Did you ever happen to find a solution to this? I know its awhile ago since you posted, but curious if you ever figured this out as I am having the same issue and wondering if there is a fix for it.

Please drop a line when you can.