storyboard pro not running on wacom mobile studio pro

Hi, I just purchased a wacom mobile studio pro with windows 10, 16 gb ram, unfortunately when I launch stb pro 6, windows notifies me that the software stopped to work. There’s no way to pass the first window with the green logo, the same happens with stb pro 5 and an Harmony trial I downloaded to check it out.
I really tried everything, for what is my knowledge, but I found no solutions.
Anyone had the same problem and can help me?
I would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot

It may be a graphic card issue, what does the crash report from
the Windows Event Viewer’s “Applications” log report?

Hi rkriz, thanks so much for your quick reply, during the night I updated the graphic card even if it seemed all fine, I switched the wacom off and this morning after a long updating process (again) it made by itself, everithing seem to work fine…finger crossed
I was about to follow your instructions but I tried to run the programs first and et voilà…I don’t know what to say, I am not such an expert :slight_smile:
Thank you again for your attention