Storyboard Pro, library not showing it's assets, no jpgs or .tpl files

My Storyboard Pro for some reason is no longer showing it’s library contents. I have the most recent version.

I have a whole bunch of assets I have created for work, but they are not showing up, even though the folder hierachy is show.
The assets are jpgs and .tpl drawings of characters I have drawn.

So if I had a folder with 23 different poses of a character, then that folder is empty.
The actual artwork still exists in it’s place on my computer, just not showing in the library, so I cannot access all that juicy goodness.

Any help please

If you previously did a “Close Library” operation on the library folder you were
using, try going into the library’s smaller window and right-click to “Open Library…”
using the browser locate the library folder you were using on the computer and select it.

I tried that at the time and it didn’t work. Even the default templates were not responding.

Make sure the library folder name and the entire folder path
leading to it are not named using spaces, accented letters or
special symbols - only a-z, 0-9, “_” and “-”. If that doesn’t help…

Contact to have a look on your system.