Storyboard pro keeps disappearing?


I just downloaded the trial version last week for storyboard pro and it had been working fine for the last few days until this morning. I opened up my file and after 1-2 seconds, the program minimizes my work and makes it disappear. All i’m left with storyboard pro is the toolbar at the top. What is going on??? - I also opened up a new scene, just incase if my file was corrupt, and it did the same thing to a newly created file… (I’ve attached a screenshot of what happens once I open the app.)

I still have 11 days before my trial ends. What on earth is happening? Please help!!


I’ve got the same problem with the 5.1 version. After launch Storyboard disappeared. The app is launched but invisible and I’m unable to work.
Need some help. Thanks.

I’m imagining you’re both on a Mac? I have this problem as well and we had it when I was teaching at the animation guild last summer. it only happens on Mac as far as I can tell and I think it has something to do with the multiple desktops that Os 10.11 has. You CAN get around it by making Storyboard Pro full screen Command F but then you lose the File menu bar at the top. It also seems to just ‘happen’ by itself which makes me think there’s some sort of bug associated with storyboard Pro and the Mac. It would be really nice in Toon Boom fix this A.S.A.P.

Ha ha! 5 years later, version 20, this problem is still happening. I’d love to be able to use storyboard pro, but the window just keeps disappearing, nowhere to be found. Such a shy program, glad I paid 500 dollars for it. Hopefully they’ll fix it sometime in the next 5 years.