Storyboard Pro Imported Scenes lose brush texture

I am starting work on film and I want to use the charcoal pencil that is a default in ToonBoom Harmony. However, once I import a scene from Storyboard Pro, the brush does not have its texture. Other brushes work, so why is it the only one? If I start a completely new scene with no Storyboard Pro imported assets, then the brush works as well. Any help solving this would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

What version(build) are you using for Harmony and Storyboard Pro? You can find this out under Help and then About in the main menu bar. Also are you using Window or macOS?

I’ve imported scenes into both Windows and OS Harmony 22.0.0 and have had the same issue.

Update both Harmony 22 and Storyboard Pro 22 to Version(Build) 22.0.1(19025).

The issue is with the Pencil Tool Texture(s), here is how to correct it.

  1. Color, click Show Pencil Texture Palettes, it will be empty.
  2. Pencil Charcoal, click Show Extended Properties this will open Pencil Properties.
  3. Click Reload Default Texture Palette on the Texture Tab.

Once done the Pencil Textures will be populated, select Charcoal.

You can import brush tips in any image format supported by Storyboard Pro.