Storyboard Pro. Free Trial Error

So I downloaded the Storyboard pro free trial onto my Mac to see if the monthly license was worth buying. I have downloaded it many times, and every time I open it a message appears saying that I already have the trial on my computer when I didn’t. Please help I really want to give this software a shot.

If you already checked if it wasn’t installed, you should probably contact support for that one.


Please email us at and we will have a look what is creating that issue also please send us the following;

  1. Screenshot of your License Wizard

  2. Search of Toon Boon License Wizard and try to return the current license
    2.1. Deploy Storyboard once again and login with username and password

If the step 2.1 doesn’t work please send me also a;

  1. Screenshot of your MacOS security settings

Best Regards,

Technical Support Specialist
Toon Boom Animation