Storyboard Pro File just dissapeared

So the project I was working on over the past week just disappeared from my PC. I 100% sure I saved it as I’ve closed and opened it multiple times over the last week. I also always opened it up through the Recent Projects tab on the launcher. However yesterday I decided to look through older projects so it no longer appears on the Recent Projects sections. I’ve searched every folder on all my hard drives. I even searched up the .sboard file extension in My PC to scan my entire pc and all the hard drives from all the .sboard files and I all the other ones show up except for the one I was working on. Even if I didn’t save it the last session I was working on it i would still have an older version of the save file but I don’t. The file doesn’t even show up in the recycle bin so I know I didn’t delete it. The file just disappeared into thin air with no trace at all. I used to open it through recent projects is there any way to look at more the 8 listed projects there or is the cap?