storyboard pro:export to solo: no .solo files & no camera movs?

Hi, I am wondering why Storyboard pro seems that it is not exporting correctly…as an example in a storyboard with 22 shots, If I press export all, (export to solo,render all, sound, assets, all) then for the half of the shots it only creates those directories for some shots:example shot 22, directories:-audio (with the .aif files, 4 in this case)-elements -sboard (sboard-xxx.TGA)and that is all that it creates for the half of the shots.If I export an specific shot to a new directory the same thing happens.The shots that are not exported with .solo files, have camera movements and image movements in the storyboard pro file, but there were no .solo files created (and there are music files). Am I missing something? why storyboard only exports for a some shots and not for all?why there is no .solo file with camera movement?, or why there is no audio files -in a .solo file- to set the position correctly of the audio-?or why there were no .solo file created?it export only the 544 .TGA files in this shot 22 for example (that have the resulting zoom,movements, etc), but half of the shots are in the same case: no .solo file was created.How to export it correctly?

ps. I am trying to import those files in Animate Pro, there is when I realized that there is no .solo file created. thanks a lot

If you’re trying to export to Animate Pro, then you’ll be following:File > Export To… > Toon Boom … Then in the dialog box, you’ll want to select “Export to Digital”. You shouldn’t be trying to export to Solo in order to import into Animate Pro.I did a test here on my end, with two scenes, one that had camera animation, and the other that had element animation, with a still panel also in there. I had no problems - I had two scenes, each scene was exported to a folder with a .digital file inside. I was then able to open those .digital files in Animate, and verify that they had exported correctly, with movement and soundtracks intact.What exactly were you doing when you exported? What does your folder structure look like in the end? How were you able to export to solo?

File, export to toonboom, then 2 options appear:“export to harmony”,and “export to solo”.I have tried both options.In both cases storyboard pro crashes contstantly in the mac.I have 3 soundtracks in the file, and partial audio files in the soundtracks.I have selected shot by shot of all those that have not been exported correctly before by storyboard, and a have some information about it:Storyboard fails to export in some of those cases:1)if the resolution of the audio was created with more than 44.1khz, conerted it to 44.1khz and it worked in that case.2)When an audio recording stars in a precedent shot and continues in the shot that is being exported, it crashes, in this cases I have 3 audio files, disabled the audio that comes from the prccedent shot and exported, then it was created.3)There is a case , the shot 22 , where it has zoom camera, an audio file that does not cross or comes from another shot, also I have splitted the audio, but I have not been able to export to tonboom the shot because storyboard always crashes. Also I have tried without audio soundtracks, aso I have reduced the reslution of the storyboard, created a copy of the file, …without success,it always crashes when exporting that panel 22.this panel has camera zoom, an audio in the middle and another camera zoom at the end. :stuck_out_tongue:

So it seems as though you’re using an old version of Storyboard. In order to be compatible with Animate Pro instead of Solo, you should upgrade to the current version of Storyboard. This should also solve your other problems, since if you’re using V1 of storyboard with a newer operating system, like Vista or Windows 7 or Snow Leopard, you could run into problems with export.Go ahead and give Phillip from sales a call, at (514) 490-6489, or you can email him at and he can discuss your options with you.

thanks , the storyboard version that I am using is 10.8.1 and the operating system is the same: 10.5.8 leopard.