Storyboard Pro: Drawing on 3D camera view

I’ve been trying to merge 2d drawings of characters with 3d environments and i can’t find a way to draw on the camera view. Why is this not an option? Nobody wants to have to create a new layer and move it in front of the camera without having it intersect with the 3d objects, when all toon boom needs is to allow a way to draw on the camera view, which would make character drawings always be on top of the 3d objects and facing the camera by default.

We need a way to create layers that are attached to the camera view perspective. If this change was implemented a lot of people would start using Previs + boards on SBP. The way we have it now is not designed for boarding, but designed to make static drawings that complement the environment.

If there is a way to do this and i missed it please help!!

Thank you.