Storyboard Pro does not export out Bold or italics in PDF

It also replaces any quotation marks with a question mark. Any ideas how to fix these issues would be greatly appreciated!

Actually the solution is to mass change them under the Comments menu which affects the pdf export.

thanks yes I actually thought of that but the thought of doing a 500 page story board and a different font is daunting. It should work right out of the box don’t you think? Especially considering the fact that whatever font is default is the one that Toon Boom picked.

Not necessarily. There are many variations of vanilla and chocolate. It depends on what you have installed on your system. Software will make an attempt to find a close match to a default font. However, if you have standard fonts installed this is probably a fluke. On the other hand if you have some questionable fonts along with standard fonts they could fool software. I have seen this happen where the software grabs the rogue font and it does not behave properly. This is actually a common problem to troubleshoot when printing.

Have you tried using a different font to see whether it is consistent for all fonts or just one?

I would experiment on my own but I don’t have Storyboard Pro.