Storyboard pro document show only one shot

Problem: I have a storyboard pro document that is 900 mb, but when I was working something happened: Seems that I lost everything except one shot! When I mark the storyboardpro-icon and tell “show package content” it shows a lot of “scene-0002” etc until 0649 - seems to contain a lot, but I’m not able to open them. How should I do to find/ open my document with all the content?


Do you have in the folder of your Storyboard project a file which is nameofyourproject.sboard~. If you do compare it’s size to the to your current project.sboard is it bigger. If it is rename your project.sboard to project.sboard_back and rename the project.sboard~ to project.sboard. The version with a ~ is a backup of the last save before the currently saved version. As long as you did not save after you noticed the issue you should still have access to the last version before that one.

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