Storyboard Pro... Best Setup?

Hi all,

I’m new here. I work in broadcast as the editor of a children’s cartoon and I’ve not been enjoying it so much recently so I decided to take the plunge and try to make my own cartoon.
I’ve got a script that works and now I’m beginning the process of making an animatic.
I want to have a go at boarding it myself (!) and I’m looking for a touchscreen monitor that works well with SBP but preferably doesn’t break the bank.
Can anyone out there recommend a low cost monitor (or tablet if that’s possible) that will help me achieve my inflated dreams? By the way, anything with the word “Wacom” written on it is way out of my price range!

If anyone can help please let me know!!

I should also mention that as I am a complete Noob when it comes to storyboarding any other advice that anyone wants to share with me would be greatly appreciated!

well, I have a samsung Serie 7 slate tabletpc 11in, small
but I can draw on screen and no have a wacom brand on it! jajaja

you can have to a sorry: wacom bamboo, is cheap and the best for the price,

there are a lot of tabletpc no expensive, but the cheapest option is a bamboo tablet, check it out!