Storyboard Pro and Harmony

I had a question about SBP and it’s use with Harmony.

I know that you can export SBP to Harmony but how do you access the files from Harmony? How does HArmony handle the files? Does it only open a scene at a time or is it like SBP where it can handle multiple sequences at once?


When you do an export to Harmony, it automatically creates separate files for all of your scenes and then it cuts up the audio so when you open the scenes in Harmony, you have one layer with the final images from Storyboard, and one layer with the audio.

You can just open the file directly in harmony, as it creates a series of .digital files.

Hope this helps.

Toon Boom Support

Each scene of the board will be independent. You can’t see the whole board in Harmony. You would work on the individual scenes and the export the renders and bring them all in an editing suite to do the final edit.

If you export to Harmony instead of to Digital then it creates an IEcontents file that lets you do one import of all your scenes into the database of Harmony. So for example if your board has 300 scenes then you do export to Harmony once and then in the Import in Control center you retrieve all 300 scenes if you want.