Storyboard Pro and Final Draft

I am using Storyboard Pro 1.5 and the New Storyboard From Final Draft XML… not working on Vista 64 bit OS. When I click on the menu option nothing happens (no browse pop-up, nothing). Is this a bug and if so is there a fix? :’(

Hi,Are you trying to import the xml made out of the tagger or the Final Draft project itself. Be aware you need to process the file through the tagger first. You can find the full instruction to get it done in the following article: regards,Ugo

thanks for your reply and link to instructions. However, the problem I have is with the select file browse window. The Browse window does not appear when I click on Select File > New Storyboard from Final Draft XML. Nothing happens, no window, no message, no error, nothing.I am using windows vista 64big OS. Can this be the problem and if so, is there a work around?thanks,Rufus

Hi Rufus,It might indeed be something with the OS. Have you tried to launch the software in compatibility mode?Also could you confirm which exact build of Storyboard you are using (top menu Help>About>full version number with build so should be something like 8.1.0…)Best regards,Ugo