Storyboard Pro and Animate?

I have characters from a TB Animate project that I would like to use as Storyboard Pro template material.

Is there a way to import puppets, symbols or other content from Animate and retain their ability to move the parts as drawing layers?

Is there a possible workaround - say exporting from Animate as a layeer file and then importing into Storyboard PRo?


The Symbols and other rigging info from Animate Pro is not currently supported in Storyboard Pro but we are striving to make material more interchangable in the future. My suggestion would be to pose the character in Animate Pro, then export as a transparent background bitmap (i.e. tga4, psd4, …) and import this into storyboard as a layer.

that seems to be major inadequacy… I would expect that Animate PRO and SB PRO should have ability to import/export back and forth to users content.
I hope that this can be addressed

how about a work-around until it gets proper attention, rather than just blowing it off.