Storyboard Pro 7 - Possible memory leak when exporting?

Hi, when I export to .mov (1920x1080, H.264) the memory usage for Storyboard Pro 7 will continue to climb throughout the process, and it will stay there when the process is done.

The memory use is quite substantial. A .mov of around 150 mb will take up more than 60 gb of memory as it is rendering. This memory will not be freed up when the rendering process is done, but it will stay in use by Storyboard Pro. If another export render to .mov is started, the memory will continue to climb from this point, and will eventually result in an out of memory error.

I have not had this problem with previous versions.

Is this a known issue?

Hello Alexorous,

Much like doodlebrain, can you send your project (if not NDA’d), your computer specs and a short description of your issue to ? They are helping to troubleshoot these kinds of issues which will help us log it as a bug!

Hello doodlebrain,

Thank you for reporting this issue to us! Can you give us a bit more information about your Mac? Information such as which version of OSx, which model, etc will give us the ability to troubleshoot this internally in case it is only happening on certain setups.

I’ll also be looking into whether or not this is a known issue and any possible workarounds.

Thanks again!

Hello doodlebrain,

Providing an update on this: We do not have this issue currently logged! Because of this, we are asking you to please reach out to support at with the following info:

  • The type of Mac you are using!
  • Which version of OSx you are on.
  • A copy of your project, if possible.

Thank you!

Hi dstruble,

Thank you for getting back to me. I will write support with details about my system as you requested. Unfortunately I am not able to supply a copy of my project due to an NDA.

Exactly the same issue here on a Mac.