Storyboard Pro 7 not responding

I’m doing some relatively non-complex tv-boards at the moment. And for some time I have noticed that while exporting a mov-file Storyboard Pro 7 writes (not responding) for a bit during this export. How ever the export still works, so this hasn’t troubled me. Also my computer has good specs and can even do complex 3D-work in Maya. But now this morning I finished one sequence, saved it, exported it with no problems and then I tried to open a new sequence-project and the error message “not responding” came up while opening the new project. I restarted Storyboard Pro but the problem persisted. I deleted the file, restarted the computer and tried again a couple of times but with no luck. And now I can’t even open older projects. It’s SO FRUSTRATING !! Does anyone have a clue what is happening?
Maybe a problem could be that my real licence is on my stationary home computer and now I’m on my laptop and a trial version of Storyboard Pro. But that shouldn’t be a problem, since as I mentioned, this is a powerful laptop and I have already done 4 days work on this setup with no problems. So I don’t see why the problem has suddenly started now.
I hope somebody can give me a clue to solve this problem.
Thanks, Simon

Out of frustration I left my computer for a while.
Later I did a virus scan on it. I cleaned up the disc, that was a bit full. I restarted it. And then it worked.

I’m not sure what part of this made the crucial difference, but I’ll put my money on giving the computer some elbow space in terms of free memory.