Storyboard Pro 7 Crashing after trying to open project

Hi, I’ve been wrapping up a project with Storyboard Pro 7 and everything was working fine until recently. For some reason when I open the program, I do get the initial welcome screens but the area with my project names are cut off and I can’t see the whole name/ project title and when even clicking on the first few letters of the file, the program shuts off immediately.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the program several times, even cancelling my order and reordering it, but the broken welcome screen keeps showing up and I can’t open anything?

I also tried installing it on another computer, but it warns me my files are still active on the other computer (even after uninstalling the program) and will be corrupted if I try opening it?

Maybe the files are in the wrong place, maybe it’s the graphics card? I’m using the most recent version of windows also.

I’ve attached a screenshot showing the clipped off welcome /project screen if that issue looks familiar to anyone…

Thank you for your time, I appreciate any help or advice.

Hello Jwbalsley,

Thank you for reaching out to the community. Please reach out to to join our support team directly. They will help you sort this out.

I invite you to check out our Discord Channel for any other general questions on animation and our software. Our tight-knit Discord community will be there to help you.

Hoping you will find the answer you need!