STORYBOARD PRO 6: Unable to see imported wav files

Hi everyone, I have been trying to import wav sound clips into my STB Pro 6 file but after importing it, I see nothing in the audio track timeline.

It’s as though it doesn’t exist (the pic below is how it looks). I tried converting it to an mp3 format but no dice. So far I’ve been toggling the settings (audio scrubbing, show waveform, show volume and show sound clips are all activated).

I have been trying to use this video’s varying methods but none work:

For context: I am using a macbook pro retina, OS 10.14 and everything else with stb pro is working fine. The monthly license just renewed abut a week back but there were no problems.

Any help will be appreciated, this is quite urgent as I have a freelance job pending and need to put the animatic together soon.