Storyboard Pro 6 import images error message

I currently have the Storyboard Pro 6 trial for Windows, and I’m trying to import a .png into my scene as a layer. Every time I do, I receive an error message

“File (image name).tvg could not be copied to C:/Users/(my computer name)/AppData/Local/Temp/ToonBoomSessionTempDir/16280/elements/1.d/d-62.tvg”

I’ve tried importing it as a layer, as a scene, changed the name of the file to 01.png so there’s no dashes or anything to disrupt it.
What do I do?

Try renaming the layer so that it does not have a dot.
If that doesn’t resolver the problem, contact support to have
a look on your system.

I’m having this same issue now, and this is the sole reference I can find to it on the internet currently. There is no “.” in my file names so I’m quite frustrated.

For some reason, rebooting my computer solved the issue. Computers™.

In the scene I’m working on, a character drops a cup, I want the camera to pan down as the cup is falling, but i also want it to look like the cup is falling in slow motion, so I have disolve transitions between drawings which requires a new scene for every drawing since you can’t put transitions between panels, so my question is, can you make the camera pan through separate scenes? and

No replyy…?