Storyboard Pro 6 crashing

Storyboard Pro will not open. Not related to OS change.
I open from the application folder. I select the project I want. It opens for a second and then closes/crashes.
The app, though, still shows as being open. Occasionally, the “project is still open” warning appears but cannot go beyond that.

Hello Mlabash,

Can you give us some more details on your setup? Information that would be useful would include:

  • Which version of Storyboard Pro you are using.
  • Which version of Windows/OsX you are on.
  • Your computer specifications, such as:
    - Your CPU
    - Your GPU
    - Your graphics cards driver version
    - Amount of RAM in your computer

Also, does this problem occur with every project you open, even if you start a new one?

Thanks for the extra information!