Storyboard Pro 5: Layer Animation not behaving as instructed in tutorials

I am trying to do a simple Background ‘truck out’ on a separate layer to create the effect of the BG animating away from camera. This was an easy process in SBP 4.2, done it many times. Now, as instructed in the SBP 5 tutorials, I’ve selected the layer, selected the ‘layer animation’ symbol (man running) and have made sure all the panels are in one Scene. As instructed, I’ve created a Keyframe for the 1st frame of the transformation, and then a 2nd keyframe for the last frame of the last panel of the scene. And then what happens is, I get two separate keyframes, one on the 1st frame of the 1st panel, and one on the last frame of the last panel, THAT DO NOT CONNECT; in other words, I cannot extend the transformation from 1st keyframe to last.
Referring to the tutorials, I have followed the instructions EXACTLY as explained, and can only achieve the above. I can indeed create a 2nd keyframe, but only on the last frame of the FIRST PANEL (that the 1st keyframe is in) but that does not achieve the intended purpose, as the panel is only 6 frames, and the entire scene has many poses in it on other layers.
There are 7 panels in the scene, and I should be able to put the cursor(playhead) on the last frame of the last panel, create a keyframe, then go to the LAST frame of the LAST PANEL create a keyframe, and therefor create a layer transformation that spans the entire scene. But it’s acting as if the 1st panel is the entire scene. Even when I select 'Spread Layer Motion" it will not work. Please respond only if you are experienced with Layer Animation and Spread Layer Motion. Thank You!

Which video are you watching and where in the video specifically does it say this?

Layer keyframes can only be created in the same panel but that motion can then
be spread across many panels of the scene.

Here’s the documentation on this feature: