Storyboard Pro 5.5's lackluster pen response optimization; fix?

I have had Storyboard pro 5.5 ever since it was launched. before that, I have used both Storyboard Pro 5.1 and Storyboard Pro 4.1.

I love what 5.5 has added so far; the improved sound quality, generating mattes and perspective guides are very helpful. But I don’t get to appreciate them much, because every time I have tried to use Pro 5.5, I feel so jolted from the awful pen pressure response and sensitivity that I am forced to return back to Pro 5.1.

Allow me to expand further. Typically, I draw very fast with loose sketches to get my thumbnails done that much faster so I can adjust how I need to. I use vector layers, with the brush tool. I do a lot of strokes, repeatedly using Ctrl+Z until I have made a stroke I like. If I just want a basic shape, I’ll quickly do a lot of small, short, fast strokes to build up the contour.

In 5.5, when I attempt to do small curves, circles, or at times just broad strokes, Storyboard pro frequently has trouble keeping up with my movements; Often pulling the beginning of one stroke towards the end of the previous stroke, generating flat-sided curves instead of a smoothly sided circle vector, or simply taking longer than it should to begin a stroke. I have determined it is not vectorized stroke delay, external CPU or data issues, or touchscreen issues, as I have tested this on multiple monitors. Every time, none of these issues are present when I use Pro 4.1 or 5.1, but for some reason 5.5 seems to have issues doing the exact same procedure.

Is it poor optimization? floating code interfering with response? New programming mixed with old programming? The issue itself confuses me. What I do know is that previous version of Storyboard Pro do not seem to have these issues.

Has anyone else experienced issues like these in Pro 5.5, having previously worked in 5.1?

Is there a chance that this could be looked at? I would certainly appreciate a patch for 5.5 eventually to fix some of these issues.

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue.
Your comments are noted.

Indeed, it is correct that we can provide a patch by contacting Support until we release an official fix.

You can contact our Support team at


This happens to me too! did you find any fixes??

I have not. It has continued to be frustratingly difficult to work with.

Contact Toon Boom support directly. The new version of Storyboard 5-5 is horribly flawed. I’ve wasted endless hours on this problem.
They have a beta version which fixes the problem.
This is an extremely frustrating issue.

I was considering buying a cheap Acer i3 laptop to use ToonBoom Storyboard, I guess there is no point now…

Was this ever fixed properly?

Same problem here.