Storyboard Pro 5.5 won't function with video card?

Proud new owner of a Wacom Mobilestudio Pro here! It’s the 16" i5 model with the Quadro m600m. When I go into the nvidia settings and set up Storyboard pro to use the video card so that I can get the full benefit of the program, storyboard pro doesn’t work at all. The interface is responsive but drawing is impossible as the marks don’t register and pinch zoom won’t work. I switch back to integrated graphics and it works fine. Except that bitmap layers draw chopping lines instead of smooth curved ones, making it impossible to use them which is a big deal breaker.

Anyone else experience this problem when trying to use their video cards with 5.5? Thanks!

Update the video card driver from NVidia’s website.
If you still have the same problem after that, contact
support to have a look at the driver settings on your

I’m having the same issues with my 16’ version. Any solutions come out of this?