Storyboard Pro 5.5 is now available!

Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 5.5 is out and available today!

Check ou the many new features including vanishing point guides, new blurs and scene markers. See all the new features here:

Hello vrexus,

You should have a correct license now on your account.
Can you confirm that it’s working?

Will a patch being going out to SB 5.1 Windows users to fix the Quicktime issue? Or are we just out of luck and have to be forced to upgrade or buy additional support for a product that should be retro fixed?

Not having luck upgrading from 5.1 to 5.5 (have annual year subscription student).

Getting this error:
(I have harmony 14 premium installed)


Is my Storyboard Pro 5.1 license compatible with this actualization?

I understand the rule of thumb is to never upgrade while working on a job but I would like to see how SBP looks on a MBP retina screen.
With that in mind, does an install of 5.5 live along side of 5.1 on my hard drive or overwrite it? Also will files done in 5.5 be read by 5.1?



It installs alongside. I have both installed (install 5.5 from download). It also lets you import your presets from 5.1, and files from 5.1 are read fine. I just cant get my thing to activate so i’m on trial mode.


Hi TB, the new features sound great!

If i’m in the middle of a trial of 5.1 can a start a new trial of 5.5?

Hi DSOtakuguy,

the new version is treated as a new product. As you are able to run a Storyboard Pro trial and a Harmony trial at the same time, you can start a trial for Storyboard Pro 5.5 any time while trying any other version or product.

I hope that helps!

Hi PauloPauloo,

Projects created in Storyboard Pro 5.1 are compatible with Storyboard Pro 5.5. However, you need to get a Storyboard Pro 5.5 license in order to run this version. The upgrade is free if you have a desktop subscription or have solver or gold support.

I hope that answers the question.


Any answer to my question?

Question: I have a perpetual license for Storyboard Pro 5/ 5.1 - so… I cannot upgrade to 5.5? I have to pay $700 ?

i upgraded storyboard 4 to 5 perpetual in may 2016 for 550 euros.i miss subscription because before i was dealing directly with Sergio Dela Cruz and there was subscription as i upgraded online i miss the detail of no protecting the investisement.i couldn’t imagine i would be charged again before fact i update from 5 to 5.1 without problem. i can see I’m in a trap now.cant pay for support now unless i pay upgrade first. i would need a lawyer or read all the info trust between loyal costumers and this would be fair to let people in this situation go up to v6 without charging.btw I’m in this same situation with harmony 12 premium,didn’t foresee this future didn’t get support.didnt get what i was going into.i must clarify I’m not a professional,i started with your PLEs,which i thank you for.then bought studio in early 2010,upgrade animate,to animate pro,bought storyboard2 in the meanwhile and keep upgrading it and then jump into harmony 9 and upgraded ever since up to 12 when buying online miss the support detail of not protecting my i must say I’m a teacher but didn’t care to buy educational cause i though i was helping a company worth so and i could afford it for learning and practicing with the last cutting edge software and even produce something serious in the future.if anyone can offer himself a motorbike or whatever so could thats it:we don’t read the small clausules of our deals and don’t know what to expect or should we?seems quite easy to start an annual subscription and go from there?why do we think we are investing and climbing an ecosystem of produts and go like this?i like your products,as a human i get a lot of joy from them in this grey age (no shadows please)but i really don’t like your support and miss Sergio.i lost my trust in you completely now so i have to pay for what I’m in need but its not capitalism its an extortion.

Hi ernesttx,

Though it is true that there are vulnerabilities in the QuickTime player, these vulnerabilities only affect the QuickTime Player and Web Plug-in. They do not affect the Quicktime codecs. To be at risk, a user must open a QuickTime movie, that has malicious code in it, using the QuickTime Player or through the QuickTime Web Plug-in. Both of these components are not required by our software.

A simple solution is to only install the QuickTime codecs and not the QuickTime player. This can be done by doing a custom install from the QuickTime installer and unselecting the QuickTime Player component as well as the Optional QuickTime Features.

While this should disable the vulnerability, we cannot guaranty that any software is 100% invulnerable to viruses or other exploits.

Also, always make sure to be running anti-virus software on Windows based systems.

Read more about these vulnerabilities in QuickTime at the following links:

Removing the dependency to QuickTime in previous versions of our software is not a simple task and requires a lot of work. The above solution will allow you to secure your computer while continuing to use previous versions of our software.

But in all honesty, the great features in the new version should be the arguments to upgrade to the Storyboard Pro 5.5 :slight_smile:

If you have a support contract or a monthly subscription, the upgrade is free. I will ask a member of the inside sales contact you do see what are your options if you wish to upgrade.

I hope that answers your question.

Have a great weekend!


Sorry, Marc-Andre, but I find your answer (whether your personal views or that of ToonBoom) to be insulting and condescending.

I would have more respect if you would have just been honest and stated that ToonBoom wouldn’t be patching the 5.1 version. I wasn’t talking about older versions, I’m talking about 1 version back. I’ve worked with many developers and have worked overtime and on weekends to make software conform to the needs of our customers because as support staff we cared. For you to say that “…requires a lot of work” means that your developers or product manager doesn’t feel like putting in the work to make sure the needs of loyal customers are met. Sorry, but we are all busy and hard at work all the time, but, to rise above we put in a little extra when the client has needs or our software is causing our customers issues when we are the developers of said software. Your answer is subpar.

As far as the Quicktime issue, it is a vulnerability and not supported by the very company that created it. So, why would I choose to install it with the sole purpose for Storyboard/Harmony? All my other software isn’t using it. It is insulting that you would suggest that I install a work around when ToonBoom could issue an update and not have its customers rely on outdated plugins.

The “great” features that you mention is another insulting statement. What I would consider “great” might be different from your viewpoint. I don’t work for ToonBoom; so, I can have an outsiders viewpoint on what I would consider a “great” feature. And fixing the audio issue, isn’t a feature; it is a fix for an issue when ToonBoom decided to use third party plugins for its software.

FInally, I’ve been working with computers for 35 years and anti-virus software causes more issues than benefits. Also, my production PC is not connected to the net. So, again, you insult my intelligence by a flippant statement about how I should be running my computers

The upgrade to 5.5 doesn’t look to be worth it if you aren’t on subscription or support. Better waiting for the proper update to version 6.
Wonder if they are going to do the same, cynical 0.5 upgrade for Harmony 14.5? Bearing in mind of course they haven’t made availabe any bug fixes since the initial release of 14.0.0.

Not having luck upgrading from 5.1 to 5.5 (have annual year subscription student).