Storyboard Pro 4 Bitmap Line Distortion

I recently download the trial version to test out the bitmap drawing tools. I’ve noticed a weird bug in the trial version I was using. Whenever I use a bitmap layer, after I make a mark, the image jumps and distorts and lines go all over the place.

After playing around with the settings for a while I discovered it’s because of the default layer resolution for the bitmap layer. I have to adjust the bitmap layer resolution to 50% before the image synchs up to the marks I make and once I do that everything looks fine. Unfortunately I have to do this to every bitmap layer which breaks up my work flow. Vector layers work normally.

Is this a known issue? Does anyone know of anyway to permanently change the default bitmap layer resolution? Is this only happening in my trial or has anyone else experienced this problem? Thanks!

i get this too. i think it maybe because i am currently running version 10.6.8 and storyboard needs to run on 10.7 or higher on a mac

Storyboard Pro 4 is only supported on OSX 10.7 and newer.