StoryBoard Pro 4.1 using Windows 8.1 : brush strokes lags

Hello !

I just installed my copy of toonboom storyboard pro 4.1 on my new laptop (which is a gamer PC, so no problem on the performances), running with windows 8.1

I was expecting it to go smoothly, but I have major navigation and visualization issues :

-When making a brush stroke : it does not appear (or only after 8 to 10 seconds)
-when adding a new scene : the preview only displays what is in the previous scene, and it will only reset to a blank panel if I use the selection tool. When trying to add a new brush stroke, then it’s back to the previous issue.
-when using shortcuts : major delay issues.

I thought it could be linked to my cintiq 13HD, but when trying to use storyboard pro with my mouse with the cintiq disconnected,I still have the same issues.

I tried installing, rebooting, uninstalling and rebooting etc many times, and I am just losing hope. Is it a compatibility problem ?!

Please help me out asap, I really need this to work as it is what I need t use professionally : /

hey !

thanks a lot for your comment !
I actually realized it’s not just a toon boom issue, I had the same with photoshop.

I tried everything you mentioned (rebooting, uninstall, re install, doing so with the graphic card pilot).

I even changed my laptop for another one (thinking there was an issue with the graphic card I couldnt deal with) and the newer laptop had exactly the same issue.

BUT I FOUND OUT ! I was using the “high contrast theme” white (it’s the very first thing I do whenever I get a comp, I switch the theme for a less perf demanding one). and this is what screwed up my softs. (I got the hint because one of my friend just got a gamer laptop running with win8, and toon boom worked perfectly fine on his. he was running with the aero theme)

and I also noticed I’m not the only one with this issue : see this thread from this photoshop community
at least now everything is running fine for me !

Sounds like a graphic card problem. Even if you have a gamer laptop, remember that graphic cards for laptops are inherently limited due to the need to conserve power and reduce heat. Note also that AMD/ATI cards on Windows generally have poor drivers for OpenGL which is used for screen display.

Try updating the graphic driver for your video card (and reboot after doing this). In the Storyboard preferences on the “Advanced” tab, make sure that “Use QT Wintab Tablet Support” is unchecked (Cintiqs don’t need it) along with “Realistic Preview while Drawing” which is very demanding on the graphic card.

Generally in Windows it is good to turn off the Aero Desktop theme on laptops because they use a lot of graphics resources with its transparency effects. To disable Aero, right-click the desktop, select “Personalize” and scroll to the bottom to select one of the “Basic & High Contrast” themes instead.

also found out I needed to set the energy setting to high performances (regarding the graphic card).

few hopefully this will be helpful for others too