Storyboard Pro 4.1, ACTS issue

I am trying to add acts into my storyboard and for some reason I am following the tutorial but my act flag doesn’t show up. I have enabled the acts dialogue box and I cannot see , also because I cannot see that I cannot join acts…
does anyone know what the problem could be??
Thank you!!

Hi feryache

As you have done , make sure that Acts is enabled in the preferences, General Tab.

Make sure you have at least two scenes in the project.
To have 2 acts you need at least two scenes. To have three acts you need at least two scenes in the current (active) act .
The new act command does not create a new scene it makes a division of the excisting scenes into acts.
If you have selected a scene in a sequence the New Act command split the sequence at the selected scene. This means if you have a selcted panel it will not split the scene but start the act at the first panel of that scene.

To start a new act go to the top menu - Storyboard -New -Start New Act.

Best regards