Storyboard Pro 3D

Is there an official release date for SB Pro 3D?



I’m storyboarding for a kids TV show that’s in 3D, so eagerly awaiting the availability of Storyboard 3D!

Just saw the promo for storyboard 3D. Looks good. I’m not clear if you can move the camera in 3D or not though. Are you able to move the camera in 3D space? Standard 3D moves like Orbit, Pan, Truck and Dolly.

I was also wondering if Storyboard 3D will export the 3D info into Harmony Standalone.

So this won’t have an upgrade from Storyboard, just Storyboard Pro? I was going to upgrade to Pro at some point but now what do I do.

Will there be an academic version of Storyboard pro 3D? And will you be able to upgrade from Storyboard?

I just wondering it seems there are now three different versions of Storyboard Pro out at the same time the normal version, the consulting edition, and 3D version and I guess they all not compatible to each other.

I always thought Storyboard Pro is professional and the industry standard but it seems get mixed up totally, is this really necessary to do this so complicated? Why not make it easy for everyone so we can work with one Storyboard Pro version instead of three different?

Furthermore I feel the price and special the cross grade price to Storyboard Pro 3d is totally over charged.

My recommendation would be to make Storyboard Pro 3d for the same price available as Storyboard Pro to replace it and a fair Upgrade price for us old Storyboard Pro user.

There’s no official release date for Storyboard Pro 3D, but it will be soon! I’ll keep you updated as soon as I can.


We’ll be launching a pre-sales campaign very soon, but if you’re interested in it right now you can always contact for further info.


For this version of Storyboard Pro 3D, we do simple camera moves only. You can pan, rotate the camera in one axis, and move the camera (zooms). This covers the majority of cases.

We do not yet do a flying camera for complex movements but you can animate your 3D layers and your 2D layers to get this effect.

It will indeed export the project with the 3D info into Harmony Standalone.


I believe there will be an upgrade available from Storyboard, but if you want to double-check that or talk about pricing, feel free to email to discuss that.

There was a point at which the consulting version and the non-consulting were not compatible with each other, but that was because of a file structure change and they should have once again become compatible at the release of Storyboard Pro 2 when they both had the same file structure.

Storyboard Pro 3D has a completely different system, being built upon a 3D space, so it’s not possible to go from Storyboard Pro 3D back to Storyboard Pro, but you will be able to open up files from Storyboard Pro into Storyboard Pro 3D.