Storyboard Pro 3D SP1 export to Animate only

I have downloaded the service pack 1 for Storyboard Pro 3D and a friend pointed out to me that there is no export option for Harmony. There is one for Animate. So I checked and there is a CSV export (?) and other options for movie or bitmaps, nothing for Harmony. And since I want to make my film on my version of Harmony standalone and the Animate Pro files are not compatible with Harmony, how does this work?

Thank you

so … we dont support SB Pro 3D/Harmony/ in the user forums? once program is registered, we should have this resource, right?

You just need to make sure that you have the Consulting license, so you can contact,, or your sales rep.


Of course, users of all versions of Storyboard Pro are supported on the forums.