Storyboard Pro 3D rendering incorrectly

Hi, I’m working with 3D models in Storyboard Pro 20.1. I draw on 2D layers and position them using the layer transform tool to overlap 3D parts. I check that the result looks fine in the camera view; however, when I render the result to a movie, I find that the layers are underlapping the 3D parts and getting obscured, when I did not see this result in the camera view. When I investigate the scene, indeed the 2D layers are positioned such that they are behind the 3D objects. However, neither the camera view nor stage view seem to accurately display this to me. Am I missing some setting or is my copy of the software bugged? I had someone else open the same file and their camera view was layering the images accurately. I am using the software on a Windows 10 machine.
Note the differences:

Now I ran into an issue where the layer is behind the 3D object in the scene but is displayed incorrectly in camera view AND is rendered incorrectly :stuck_out_tongue: help!!