Storyboard Pro 3D - problems

I just purchused Storyboard Pro 3D , I made some models in silo 3d exported it OBJ and imported into Storyboard Pro 3D . I can’t rotate and manuniplate the model. Am I doing something wrong here?

Thanks ! that worked ;D
However I have another question, Is there a function to give the 3D models a toon sort of look?

‘Toon’ Boom Storyboard (pro) 4 with 3d just came out, I still can’t see this feature… weird.
I hope a ‘toon’ render does get released in a service pack, 3d objects just look incongruous in many projects without it… :frowning:

At least it has a flat shaded render it would be great to have outlined silhouettes and crease options… :slight_smile: