storyboard pro 3D instalation(upgrade from storyboardpro2)

Hijust to be sure,are there any tips we should know?at knowleadge database seems theres nothing new.please inform me if its a simple install ,or there are procedures like uninstalling the former first,retrieving codes,so on.

Hey,no problem here.that docs are with installerjust testing everything nowcheers

a short related do you run the license wizard on a windows machine?on the mac its there as an app in the tools folder but on the PC this folder is not there and in the license wizard folder there is no application that you can run.?

And there it is.Sorry for the not so bright question.And thanks for answering it ;D

Yes nothing new in the database. It’s a new application so you don’t need to uninstall the old one, you can just install it and run the license wizard to put your license code in, and you’re good to go.


It should be in Start > Programs > Toon Boom > License Tools