Storyboard Pro 3D does not export to Harmony

I asked this question in the Storyboard forum, I’ll ask here.
How come storyboard Pro 3D exports to Animate but not to Harmony?

When I had Storyboard Pro 3D I had exactly the same problem. I only mention this to let you know it’s not just you.
I decided to skip this version of Storyboard.

Lilly, this is another example of growing pains at TB. A customer should not need to ask for these extras but I do understand the pressure to get new product out.

When all your Pro software is 64bit I am sure these things will be solved. However until then it would be useful to have a FAQ list for each Pro product listing the solutions and what to ask for.

Just feedback: TB products are the lifeblood of my work.

Thank you Lilly,
I emailed sales and licensor and waiting to hear back.

It does, you just need to have the Consulting license installed. Contact your sales person,, or to get the right license. Make sure that you install the latest service pack as well, since the original release of SBP 3D did not support the consulting version. You can download the service pack from your account if you’ve registered the product.