Storyboard pro 3d , crashing, crashing, crashing,


I’m trying out STBP3d and i’m having lots of issues…
i just lost work as well.

It crashed twice while dragging a 3d model to the stage.
cannot open the file afterwards (says it is already open, i managed to erase the lock file to re-open it).

File opens but some old models previously imported, are now not appearing anymore. Lost animation of those elements as well.

Right now i’m not to sure i want to continue using and invest time if it can crash and break the work that is in it.

Is there a solution, is this software stable and usable for production ?

Have you had anything like that happen to you ?


Hi philionjm

Sorry to hear about the problems.

Make sure you have turned on autosave. Go to the Top Menu -Storyboard Pro3D -Preferences -Advanced . In the Memory section drag the slider -Auto-save until it shows the amount of minutes you prefer between each save.
I have experienced crashes and file loss too. But strictly avoiding non english letters in naming both of files layers and imported files. I must say I can’t remember to have experienced it for a long time. (maybe I exaggerate, buy truly I can’t remember.)

Best regards

I think that was the problem, i had a ''é ‘’ in the file name of what i imported, i usually never put accents in file-names, STB imported it and automatically saved a version with an underscore _ in the elements folder. But after a couple of saves, it disappeared from the elements folder… and that’s why i couldn’t see it on the stage. So i put it back, reopen and voila ! it was back…

i’ve been saving versions every 10 mins or so since :wink:
thanks !


I downloaded the bought version 900$ to my mac book pro and when i go to start the application it says “story board qui unexpectedly” please help

Hi nenearcher

Problems buying,downloading and installing usually gives the right to support.

Best regards