Storyboard Pro 22, right click properties overflows off screen and I can’t view them, or use them

Just updated to Storyboard Pro 22, I use the smallest Cintiq and now when I right click on a thumbnail panel I now can’t see all the options list, as it overflows beyond the screen. Same goes for when I right click on a library asset, the popup overflows off screen. This wasn’t the same with the earlier version of Storyboard Pro. How do I change this, or is it a bug?

Is it possible to get a screen shot? What is the resolution of your Cintiq, if it is 1080 you shouldn’t have issues. Have you tried using SBP22 in full screen mode? Are you on Windows or macOS?

My cintiq’s resolution is 1920 x 1080. And I am using Windows.

Attached are some screenshots of the problem. I moved the program about to show what I am missing in fullscreen.

Uploading: example 2 of overflowing over monitor.jpg…

Something to note is, I have three monitors, and if I choose my cintiq to be the primary monitor the overflow works as it should. I don’t want my cintiq to be my primary monitor though. That would be a pain.

Maybe try contacting support and see what they have to say.

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I had the same problem installing storyboard pro 22.

I had the PC monitor as primary and Cintiq as secondary, and what I did was changing the Cintiq to primary and PC monitor to secondary. I pressed Apply and then changed them back again to PC monitor as primary and Cintiq as secondary, and that solved the problem (for some reason).

Really hope this will help if you hadn’t find a solution already.

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I can’t thank you enough, they should give you a free sbp license for this. Thank you again.