Storyboard Pro 22 doesn't save backups

Hi community,
I’m using STB-Pro 22 for a few days now and I can’t create a backup file of my document (“Unable to create backup file”).
It also doesn’t save the file in another folder (which I wanted to use as a backup instead):
"The Save As operation could not be completed. Verify the file permissions in your project, as well as in the destination directory, then try to save again.

Save As aborted."

Any ideas?
I’m working on MacOS Ventura 13.0.1

Thanks in advance and cheers,

Update: I tried to use STB-Pro 20.1 (because of the drag and drop issues with 20 and Ventura) but it’s the same thing: no backups possible. And it’s even worse: after opening my yesterday project today, I realised that it didn’t have saved my stuff anymore from a certain point! So, lost a lot of work there…
→ Big issues with Ventura, try to avoid updating, if you are working with STB-Pro a lot.

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Update 2:
The save as issue was solved with the new version 22.0.1, but it still doesn’t want to create any backups.

In the meantime, I had contact with the support and after fiddling around a bit it turns out STB Pro 22 doesn’t like my external harddrive anymore, on which I used to save my backups. Seems to be a permission issue, but we found a pretty easy workaround for that: I’m saving the backup local (on the desktop) and copy that file to my external drive.
That kind of works for me and I can finally use STB Pro 22 (yayy!).

Thank you @smoothmate for taking the time to follow up on your own post.

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