Storyboard pro 20 audio settings

Hi guys,

Here is our usual setup

Editor in premiere pro - PGM goes to Clearview Flex via a Blackmagic Decklink. Call with Directors on MS Teams - Audio going through Voicemeeter Banana → all good for 2 years.

Doing tests with the latest version of Storyboard Pro with a blackmagic card, I manage to get pic and sound out but then the editor cannot hear his/her timeline.

Issue - the settings are very poor in terms of customisation and it has been impossible for me yet to make the audio come back to the editor.

Has any post wizard managed to do something similar ? Do people who are using Storyboard Pro on this sub have any tips ?


1- System specs

  • Windows 10 entreprise
  • Quadro RTX 400 + Decklink Mini

2- Editing Software

  • Storyboard Pro 20

3- Footage specs

  • Jpegs

Are you trying to output Premiere and Storyboard to the Blackmagic device at the same time?

Nope, premiere is closed and Mercury Transmit is unticked. Thanks for your help !

You are welcome, just trying to help out with ideas. Just making sure you are using Storyboard Pro 20.0.2, build In the Storyboard Pro 20 Preferences under the Playback Tab you setup the Blackmagic under Cached Playback and Audio Output. I don’t know what the conflict would be with Premiere’s audio. Sorry without seeing the system it will be hard to trouble shoot, if I think of anything I’ll post.