Storyboard Pro 2.0 Cutter Tool

Hi,Just purchased Storyboard Pro 2.0 (great price today!). I can’t seem to get the cutter tool working as shown in the “What’s New” video.I draw a couple of overlapping lines, activate the Cutter Tool (Lasso Mode) and swipe to cut away the overlap. Nothing happens. This works perfectly in Animate Pro.Is the functionality different Storyboard Pro?Thanks,Jeff

Did you get any answer? I´m also missing this function.

Yes, I talked to tech support. The cutter tool functionality in Storyboard Pro 2 is not the same as in Animate Pro 2. It happens very fast on the demo video so it looks the same, but it isn’t. In Storyboard Pro 2, you have to select the line segment w/ the cutter tool and then while it’s selected hit delete on the keyboard. It’s not a simple swipe move as in Animate.