Storyboard Pro 1.6 running slowly on Mac Mini


I am currently running STYBD Pro 1.6 on a 2011 Mac mini and getting really frustrated at the slowness of the program. The mac has more ram than the recommended amount by Toon Boom. I have updated the drivers for my Cintiq 21UX , cleaned my mini hard drive, turned off wi-fi, optimized the project, upgraded to 10.7.5 OSX ,etc., and still it can’t keep up with my brush strokes. A serious lagtime. I was wondering if the community had any suggestions or similar problems?


Try going into the preferences of SBP and on the “Advanced” tab, reducing the “Delay Before Drawing Vectorized Strokes”. If it’s still slow, it’s probably due to the graphic card and the nature of the project (use of textured line, unflattened drawings, many bitmap elements).

Be aware that using dual display means that you only get half the resources of your graphic card for each display.