Storyboard or Storyboard Pro neither works

I’ve tried the non pro version, which frankly is overpriced by $100. You can export to PDF but really to be effective you’ll need to print it out. Back to paper! Terrible waste as you might as well draw on paper, scan it and then vector it and then import it to TBS.
Speaking of TBS why no export in Pro to TBS? Amazing and it makes the PRO version overpriced.
Sorry to do this to one of the best software companies but the PRO version is also full of tiny little … well bugs… from PDF export which is terrible to QT wigging out if you mix JPG and drawing on a Macbook Pro 1 inch 2.33GHZ with 3GB of RAM OSX10.4.9.
Still at least I’ve had time to play. There are numerous shareware or cheaper software that has the ability to share and write a script. The lack of Final Draft software series export is really sad.
I was ready to put down nearly 900 bucks on the PRO but the lack of export to Toonboom Studio really sucks, the QT bug, the way sometimes despite really clicking on a shot it will not change camera angle.
I expect it is me, usually is but TBS is smooth, always has been even when it was a trifle limited at least you knew how. TBS is simply gold standard for making animation for HD or the Web.
I’m sorry again to sound so negative but I really think the PRO features should be part of TBS or Solo, not a separate app.

Hi Peter,

What’s your problem with the export to QT? Everything is working as far as we know. Did you contact to get help and find a solution?

Sebastien Miglio

Thanks for the reply. I did send on info about QT but that was also to sales about the hope in the future you’d support TBS in your pro version. I 'll send on issue to Tech, though still trial user.

Thanks. TBS is the best. SBPro is very interesting.