Storyboard is Crashing

I don’t know what is happening, but every time I open toon boom storyboard pro on my drawing tablet side it keeps crashing. Going along the lines of ‘(Not Responding)’ error. It is fine on my computer side, I have tested it. However on my tablet side, that is a different story. There maybe a thing I haven’t tried yet, but I am new to the program. My tablet is a Huion GT-191. I have looked up if anyone else had been having the same problem but no one seemed to have it like i have, that or it is just google being weird.

If there is anyone who knows just what is happening, please tell we how to fix it. ; ;

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I’m having the same problem on my Mobile Studio Pro with Wacom link. I have to unplug the tablet to open any project. Really bizarre issue and I’d love to know what drivers to update/reinstall as well.

Do you know what driver I have to update? There are so many drivers I don’t know which one I have to update.

Alright, I will give that try, thank you!

Hi Alpha,

Have you tried updating your drivers? If so, have you tried completely uninstalling and re-installing your drivers?

If you have tried both those things, please let us know.

This helped me with my issue, thank you for posting! I have a 22hd cintiq, and unplugging the hdmi fixed the issue for me. Not sure why this is happening, this wasn’t an issue with my last set up. Possibly a windows/wacom update? Hope that there’s a driver update for it soon!

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Disabling the Wacom tablet display from windows, then re-loading toon boom on the main monitor, opening a project, then enabling the tablet as a 2nd display, dragging it down to the tablet worked! Need to see if there are updated drivers for the Wacom tablet for Windows 11…

Updated Windows 11, NVIDIA Drivers and Wacom Cintiq is already up to date, but no change…